Newsletter Describes Benefits Of Whole Body Vibration

We received a copy of a recent newsletter that mentioned the benefits of using whole body vibration, exercise, and a balanced diet. Read the comments below:

“This may be an odd subject for a food newsletter, but we maintain that good health is intimately connected to good food and by extension, to regular exercise. Don’t moan, wait to see where I’m going with this. I meet so many people who are unable to exercise for various reasons. Well, I believe I have found a solution and I am so enthused about it, I’m sharing it with anyone who will listen. As you may know I had a dance and choreographic career for 25 years. I had to keep myself thin and fit. When I “retired” from show biz I thought I could finally eat whatever I wanted and stop the endless exercising. Wrong. Duh. Anyway . . . for all those who think they cannot work out, I have found something well worth mentioning! Ready? The whole body vibration system. It is a machine (and there are many many brands out there) that you stand or sit on for about 15 minutes a day. It moves in an ideal 30 Hz range (whatever that means) and the benefits are extraordinary. It was developed in the Eastern block nations in the 60’s for their athletes and was integrated into their training programs and gave them enormous competitive edge. Significantly, it is also used by NASA as therapy for astronauts to rebuild the bone density they lose while in space. The benefit claims are broad-ranging: building muscle, increasing strength, increasing bone density, integrating R and L brain function, helping hormonal regulation, cardiac performance and on and on. Chiropractors are even documenting improvements in spinal scoliosis. Do your research if this is of interest. Again there are many brands, some far better than others. If mobility is a serious issue, you want one that you can perhaps simply sit on. I tried one machine at Santa Fe Soul. I was very impressed with the immediate effects! They charge $1 per minute to use it and I highly recommend it. If you are looking to have your own machine, one that is used by chiropractors is called the Live Vibe machine. 832-294-5144. It is sturdily made in the USA with powered coating and more, by Ridge and Company. We are not connected, nor do we benefit in any way by mentioning these references.

Here’s to your health! We provide good food, and now you have no excuse for not exercising!”

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