Who uses the Live Vibe? Click here to view a short sample of the doctors and professionals that use Live Vibe every day…

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Live Vibe is the newest technology in the physical therapy field. This machine is designed to transfer vibrations to the Central…

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The Live Vibe is designed with a simple on/off toggle switch that allows the user to control their session time. The vibration…

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Users of the Live Vibe include, but are not limited to; athletes, at-home use, public and private health clinics, resorts, nursing homes, and…

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Introducing The LIVE VIBE

Ridge & Company aims to provide quality products at a reasonable price. We manufacture a Whole Body Vibration platform called the LiveVibe.

The LiveVibe is a ruggedly built platform designed for a lifetime of use and is proudly made in the U.S.A. We are so confident in the construction of the unit that we offer a lifetime warranty on everything but the electrical components.  On the electrical we offer a 1 year warranty.

TheLiveVibe was designed for commercial use and is the same unit we sell to Chiropractors.


“What I like about the LiveVibe is that it is strong enough to stimulate the brain & inner ear for improve mood, focus and balance.

I tell my patients who want a device at home to order the LiveVibe. The cheaper units do not have the strength to provide the vital benefits to the brain. To get that from other units it costs up to more than $5,000 or more.”

Dr. Kress Williams, New Life Source Chiropractic