Content Adapted from Healthtide Magazine: 9 benefits of Whole Body Vibration You Must Know by Ben Holm. According to the author Ben Holm, whole body vibration will become more than a passing trend. There is a growing body of research that proves its benefits for busy people trying to economize their workouts, professional athletes ready to level up and anyone suffering from mobility issues or other health concerns.

1. Improve Muscle Strength

This was the primary reason that vibration therapy was first created, and it turns out that modern science has proven that early theory correct. A study published in 2003 in the peer-reviewed journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise asked 67 women in untrained physical condition to perform a series of knee exercises on a vibrating platform. Those who exercised with a vibration setting between 2.28 and 5.09 g showed significant gains in knee strength while the placebo group showed no significant strength gains. » Read Study

2. Explosive Strength for Athletes

Resistance training improves muscle strength, and performing resistance exercises with vibration can significantly increase strength gains. If your goal is to get stronger, whole body vibration machines can help. In 2015, the journal Biology of Sport published the results of a study that asked male and female springboard divers to perform an exercise routine with low vibration frequency, high vibration frequency or no vibration. Measurements were taken to determine changes in flexibility and explosive vertical jump height after the exercise session.  The results of this study showed the following: Flexibility and explosive leg strength were greatest in groups utilizing the vibration plate, Improved leg strength was still in effect 15 minutes after the workout and the divers who didn’t incorporate vibration in their workout experienced a decrease in explosive leg strength 15 minutes after their workout. » Read Study

3. Enhanced Results in Less Time

Do you have the “work harder, not longer” attitude when it comes to exercise? If so, perhaps you’re happy to hear that a short workout performed with whole body vibration can equal the results of a longer workout performed without vibration. Research is even showing that standing, sitting or lying still on a vibration platform daily can mimic the results of exercise. » Read Study

4. Boost Weight Loss while Reducing Abdominal Fat

We can look at one study produced by the European Association for the Study of Obesity that showed obese or overweight women experience the best weight loss results when combining a healthy diet and short workouts on a vibration plate. This study included 61 women, and they were each assigned a 6-month plan that included diet alone, diet and conventional exercise, or diet with a progressive whole body vibration workout plan. The vibration workouts were much shorter than the exercise sessions performed by the conventional exercise group, but they delivered the best results in terms of weight loss and abdominal fat loss. » Read Study


5. Reduce the Negative Impact of Stress

Cortisol is the hormone released when the body is in a state of stress, and high levels of the hormone leave you vulnerable to headaches, weight gain, anxiety and depression. We all experience stress and eliminating it is impossible in our modern world, which makes finding ways to control the negative impact on our health essential. Research is showing that this is just one more area where routine use of a vibrating plate or platform can help.

One study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology showed that whole body vibration effectively reduced levels of cortisol in men while increasing testosterone and human growth hormone levels. The same results were found in men and women when researchers from the University of Cologne in Germany took blood draws before, during and after whole body vibration therapy performed by 20 participants. The vibration therapy effectively reduced cortisol and glucose levels while stimulating two thyroid hormones. » Read Study

6. Reduce Back Pain

In 2011, the journal Physiotherapy Canada reported an investigation into research related to whole body vibration machines and back pain relief. They found that there are a couple scientific studies that support the use of vibration plates to reduce back pain, but they cautioned that there were potential weaknesses in both studies. What does this mean in the real world for those with low back pain or sciatica? Most professionals now agree that it could possibly help, but that you should approach any type of vibrating mechanics with caution. Start out with short vibration sessions at a low vibration setting. » Read Study

7. Increase Bone Density

Research is proving that standing or sitting on a vibrating platform can effectively increase bone mass. This is now seen as an effective way to strengthen the bones of people who are unable to perform high-intensity exercise. This is helpful not only for the elderly but also for postmenopausal women who want to prevent the loss of bone density due to hormonal changes. It can also help people of all ages who are unable to exercise due to medical limitations. » Read Study

8. Improve Balance and Coordination

One study published in the journal Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in 2005 found that whole body vibration reduced the risk of accidental falls for nursing home residents. 42 elderly nursing home residents participated in the study, and 22 were given a protocol of physical therapy and vibration therapy for six weeks. The remaining participants followed a protocol of only physical therapy. » Read Study

9. Increase Oxygen & Energy Expenditure During Exercise

One peer-reviewed crossover study found that physically active young men increased their oxygen consumption by 22 percent and their energy expenditure by 20 percent by completing 20-minute workouts on a vibration platform. This study was designed to mimic the way whole body vibration platforms are utilized in many gyms, which includes 20-minute sessions and a series of resistance training movements. » Read Study

Content Adapted from Healthtide Magazine: 9 benefits of Whole Body Vibration You Must Know by Ben Holm » Read Full Article Here

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