Whole Body Vibration Testimonials

I had my 69th birthday in March, 2009 and I had all the complaints that old age brings with it. I purchased and started to use the Live Vibe regularly. Just standing on the Live Vibe and using 3 pound weights for 12 minutes per day for 4 days per week has made some significant changes in the way my body feels. The Live Vibe has enhanced blood circulation, especially in my legs; I have experienced an increase in flexibility and range of motion; the skin around my neck area and back of my upper arms has toned up noticeably and it has helped tremendously with the arthritic pain in my back. Also, I have more energy, vitality and my posture is better and I’m looking forward to the results of my bone density test this year since I have been using the Live Vibe for over a year now. This total vibration machine is a very high quality piece of equipment and I am very happy and satisfied with it.

– R.A. / Texas

“I’m 65 years old. I have never smoked or drank alcohol. I was diagnosed with mild to moderate osteopenia of my hips and spine in January 2001, and have been taking medication for this condition ever since to prevent further bone loss. On November 8, 2009, I started Vibration Therapy 15 minutes per day. I decreased my anti-resorptive medication (Actonel 35mg) to every other week, instead of every week. I was also taking hormone replacement therapy (estradiol 0.5 mg per day) and Calcium 630 mg with Vitamin D 500 IU, which are reduced dosages. On 3-16-10 I had a bone density scan done and at that time my physician discontinued the anti-resorptive medication until my annual physical next year(2011). I am planning to continue the Vibration Therapy 15 min/day, taking the hormone replacement therapy (HRT), the calcium, and vitamin D doses as stated. Vibration Therapy is very easy, does not take up very much time, and does not have the potential for side effects that taking medication does.”

– D / Texas

“I’d like to thank your for three things. First, we are loving our Live Vibe. Even with daily use, the vibrating plate is as quiet and solid as the day we took it out of its shipping crate, months ago. That is a testament to your rugged construction design, careful craftsmanship, and high quality parts. Second, thank you for the mailing us the laminated product pages, and the calendar, too! Very helpful. Third, the resistance bands we ordered recently arrived today. It was simple to install the straps and adjust the bands. Within minutes, we were up and ready to take our Live Vibe experience to the next level!”

– Colin Stokes, President/Owner Katcareli Holistic, Inc.