Revolutionize Your Rehabilitation

Live Vibe helps you rejuvenate, recover, and realize a whole new level of fitness and wellness. This revolutionary machine uses whole body vibration to deliver a host of benefits not found with traditional workouts. Live Vibe provides whole body vibration rehabilitation.

The technology of whole body vibrations is accepted world wide by hospitals, rehabilitation and therapeutic centers. The Live Vibe is designed to transmit vertical vibrations throughout the body while standing on its platform.

Medical professionals from around the world have used the Live Vibe to help treat their patients with arthritis, back pain, obesity, stroke, and osteoporosis. These are just a few of the conditions this machine can be used to help rehabilitate.

The goal of a Live Vibe is to help the patient rehabilitate and recover through physical therapy, rehab exercises, and massage rehab. The natural way, and with less pain.


Benefits of Whole Body Vibration Include

Balance and Coordination

During Whole Body Vibration, the moving plate excites stretch receptors and tendon reflexes in joints. This promotes increased receptor activity while challenging balance and coordination in a safe environment. Single-leg activities during WBV promote improved static and dynamic balance through that lower extremity.

Bone Density

Whole Body Vibration can quell the effects of osteoporosis by balancing hormones and increasing mechanical stressors on bones via involuntary muscle contractions.

Pelvic Floor Instability

Pregnancy can soften connective tissue and pelvic floor musculature. Vibration therapy quickly returns the hormonal system to balance while firming connective and muscle tissue.

Postoperative Recovery

Improved blood and lymph circulation via WBV speeds healing after surgery or trauma. Serotonin release calms a patient, while HGH release speeds recovery. WBV also inhibits the loss of muscular strength during the post-op period.

Joint Pain

The vertical movement stretches joints, thereby increasing space and replacing fluid between the bones, while also raising critical blood flow to an area. Intermittent pressure stimulates optimal cartilage function. Like a sponge repeatedly squeezed  underwater, synovial fluid is repeatedly pumped through cartilage. This improves joint mobility, eases joint stress and relieves tension.

And More!

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