Revolutionize Your Rehabilitation.

Live Vibe helps you rejuvenate, recover, and realize a whole new level of fitness and wellness. This revolutionary machine uses whole body vibration to deliver a host of benefits not found with traditional workouts. Live Vibe provides whole body vibration rehabilitation.

The technology of whole body vibrations is accepted world wide by hospitals, rehabilitation and therapeutic centers. The Live Vibe is designed to transmit vertical vibrations throughout the body while standing on its platform.

Medical professionals from around the world have used the Live Vibe to help treat their patients with arthritis, back pain, obesity, stroke, and osteoporosis. These are just a few of the conditions this machine can be used to help rehabilitate.

The goal of a Live Vibe is to help the patient rehabilitate and recover through physical therapy, rehab exercises, and massage rehab. The natural way, and with less pain.


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