5 Ways The Live Vibe Will Enhance Your Chiropractic Practice

Live Vibe Chiropractic

Live Vibe Makes Your Practice Unique

Dr. Kress Williams said that “The Live Vibe whole body vibration platform is perfect for chiropractors that are looking to take their practice to the next level and provide an added benefit to their patients that will help get better results.” Patients have many choices when choosing a chiropractic clinic – Make your clinic stand out from the crowd by adding whole body vibration therapy.

Provide Your Patients With Greater Pain Relief

Dr. Perry Cammisa wrote on AmericanChiropractor.com “Whole Body Vibration technology is extremely efficient and has so many benefits to treating and managing chronic lower-back pain that it should be part of every chiropractor’s practice. It is an integral part of the “structural solution” to the “structural problem”. Whole body vibration not only reduces pain, but it also revitalizes the musculature around the spine, and provides excercise and vitality to patients that have an inactive lifestyle.

Whole Body Vibration Is A New Revenue Source

Dr. Christian Reichardt wrote “sessions with a Whole Body Vibration machine are reimbursable by insurance as therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular re-education or activities of daily living. If a doctor has a cash practice like me, there is always the option of charging a nominal fee for a month-long “membership” of unlimited sessions.”

Your Patients Will Love It

The stimulating vibrations of the Live Vibe will relax the patient, increase circulation, relieve pain and prepare their body for chiropractic adjustment and other treatments. Dr. Christian Reichardt wrote that “Having a patient warm up and work out on a Whole Body Vibration machine just prior to an office visit is a very sensible recommendation. They can get their exercise, warm up for the adjustment, be physically and mentally more relaxed when they see the doctor and therefore enhance the effects of the treatment!”

Less Equipment Maintenance

Chiropractors choose the Live Vibe not only because it delivers whole body vibration at the optimum frequency, but also because it is the strongest commercial-use machines on the market. The Live Vibe is designed for a lifetime of daily use and is proudly made in the U.S.A. We are so confident in in the construction of the unit that we offer a lifetime warranty on all moving parts. Everything else is covered for your first year.coming soon