Whole Body Vibration Increases Bone Mass

Research is proving that standing or sitting on a vibrating platform can effectively increase bone mass. This is now seen as an effective way to strengthen the bones of people who are unable to perform high-intensity exercise.

Various investigations have been conducted on human subjects. In young women with low bone mineral density (BMD), 12 months of daily of Whole Body Vibration (10 min, 30 Hz, 0.3 g) resulted in enhanced bone strength in the spine and increased cortical bone area in the femur.

A study printed in “Ageing Research Reviews”,  summarized that there is evidence of the effectiveness of Whole Body Vibration in enhancing skeletal mass in the elderly, in individuals with low-bone mineral density, and adolescents. The mechanisms by which this occurs may be related to tissue perfusion, fluctuations in systemic hormones, and/or occur via direct mechanical stimulation.

You can read Complete Study Here by Ageing Research Reviews

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