Reduce the negative impact of stress with Whole Body Vibration

Cortisol is the hormone released when the body is in a state of stress, and high levels of the hormone leave you vulnerable to headaches, weight gain, anxiety and depression.

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We all experience stress and eliminating it is impossible in our modern world. This makes finding ways to control the negative impact on our health essential. Research is showing that this is just one more area where routine use of a vibrating plate or platform can help. One study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology showed that whole body vibration effectively reduced levels of cortisol in men while increasing testosterone and human growth hormone levels. See copy and link of study published below.



Whole Body Vibration is a solution to your stress problem

The vibrations from the Live Vibe are transmitted to the body by either the hands or feet. Your body naturally adjusts to the movement by using a stretch reflex reaction which has positive neurological effects on the brain. After the treatment, the brain is stimulated and functions in a healthier state. » Learn More



Study as published

The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of side-alternating whole body vibration (WBV) on hormone secretion and metabolism in healthy adults. Twenty voluntary participants (10 women) were recruited for the experiment to measure hormonal and metabolic responses to WBV (oscillation frequency, 26 Hz; amplitude, 1 mm; acceleration, 2.7 g) in blood samples drawn before, during and after WBV. WBV increased growth hormone serum levels in men and decreased them in women. Adrenocorticotropic hormone and cortisol decreased. Thyroid stimulating hormone, free T3, and free T4 decreased after WBV. Prolactin decreased in men. The secretion of gonadal hormones was not significantly influenced. Lactate levels increased during WBV and glucose levels decreased. Our results suggest that hormonal and metabolic responses to WBV do not simply reflect intensive exercising. The responses were characterized by a pattern of hormonal secretion typical for responses to mechanical vibrations of the whole body.

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